Tornado Kills Mom While Protecting Her Daughter

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Have you ever heard a parent tell you that they would die so their child could live? A mother in Florida actually did die protecting her daughter on June 25th. As tropical storm Debby was barely anything with just 45 mph winds. A tornado was produced that ripped Heather Town's house off of its foundation and then proceeded to throw the lady, who had her daughter wrapped in her arms, 200 feet into the nearby woods where they were found covered in debris and barbed wire.

“I am so proud of my daughter,” Elmer Town, Heather’s father, told WGRZ-TV. “I can picture her holding that little girl of hers. She died for her.” Town added that his granddaughter suffered a broken pelvis and broken ribs.

Heather Town died at the scene from the injuries that she suffered but her daughter Anne Marie is currently in stable condition at Tampa General Hospital.

“When they found her, she was literally holding her baby, her little girl,” neighbor Kim Bass told WTVT-TV. “They took the little child from her because she was having a hard time breathing and she had barbed wire on her and was in a very dense section of woods, about 50 feet back there.”

This was the ultimate sacrifice that this lady made for her child and I hope that little Ann Marie has a happy and productive life!

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