Tori Spelling Struggles With Financial Problems


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Tori Spelling has been going through a lot lately. After learning that her husband Dean was cheating on her, she decided to give him another chance but is still having a hard time dealing with the affair and allegedly cries over it constantly.

If that wasn’t enough for her to worry about, the family is also struggling financially and Tori is very upset about the possibility of having to change the family’s lifestyle due to their money problems.

Tori was lucky enough to grow up in a rich family and has had a successful acting career for much of her life.

Unfortunately, work has been slow for Tori lately and although she was working on the TV series Mystery Girls, the show was recently canceled after only one season.

Tori also has a reality show where she shares her struggles with her relationship and finanes as well as other problems, but she doesn’t make enough money from it to keep up with her expensive tastes.

"We live paycheck to paycheck!" she said on the show. "After this I have no f--king idea if work's going to come in. Like, how am I going to support my family in six months?" She continues, "Look at the life we're leading. We're paying for five f--king private schools."

Dean tried to comfort Tori by telling her that they could always get rid of all the stuff they don’t need and reduce their spending, but Tori was less than thrilled with his response.

"But why should we have to?" asked Spelling, who inherited $800,000 after her father's death. "My dad wouldn't have wanted this. He'd be so mad. He worked so friggin' hard so his kids wouldn't have to f—king struggle. I don't want to change our lifestyle. That's why I work so hard. I don't want to change."

There have been a lot of rumors suggesting that Tori and her family might be having financial problems, but this is the first time she has come forward and admitted it.

Between fixing her marriage and struggling financially, it seems like Tori has had just about all she can take.

Do you think she will be able to fix things for her family before it's too late.