Tori Spelling Reveals Past Secrets About Sex With Jason Priestly and Her Disbursement from Dad Aaron Spelling's Will

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Tori Spelling revealed several past secrets during Lifetime's Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector on Saturday. The former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress talked about sex with Jason Priestly, and even how much her late dad Aaron Spelling left her in his will.

Strapped to a lie-detector test while a polygraph expert asked her some very personal questions, Tori Spelling said she had sex with her ex-boyfriend Tom Green before admitting she'd slept with another one of her hunky cast mates.

"Half my friends don't even know this," she said, talking about her relationship with Priestly.

"It was a summer fling, it was off set, It was our version of, like, a summer romance, the 90210 version and that was it," she said. "You know, we stayed great friends for the rest of the run, and beyond that, but yeah, we had that one summer fling."

Tori Spelling said she was kissed by another Beverly Hills, 90210 cast mate. The kiss came from Luke Perry on Spelling's 18th birthday.

"It was like for a second, but it was like for a young girl that was everything," she said. "But no, we never had sex."

A hurtful subject was raised during the polygraph--one that pains Tori Spelling to this day.

She was asked how much money her later father, Aaron Spelling, left her in his will. The producer only left his daughter $800,000--a tiny amount compared to his vast fortune.

"It still confuses me," Tori Spelling said. "I know he worked so hard...I don't really understand the thought process behind it."

Spelling is married to Dean McDermott, but her marriage has been a rocky one. The two are parents to four children.

Are you surprised to learn any of these secrets Tori Spelling divulged on Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector?

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