Tori Spelling Grateful Despite Hubby Cheating Rumors

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Tori Spelling must be dying inside with the recent rumors of hubby Dean McDermott cheating on her with a woman in Toronto. Yet she's keeping a brave upper lip and blogging about how grateful she is.

"I can't believe Christmas is already over. We had such a fun day hanging at home unwrapping presents, eating homemade goodies and watching movies. So grateful for my family!" Tori wrote on her blog. "I took this little video of Liam and Stella unwrapping presents from Santa on Christmas morning. Liam loved his gifts, Stella my mini baker was SO excited about her cake-pop maker! And, Finn thought everyone's excitement was hilarious! Hattie Cat was too obsessed with the new Barbie dream house set up in our foyer to join in on the gift ravaging. How did you spend Christmas Day?"\

Spelling signed off on her blog post with her usual "Love, T" and shared the following video with her fans.

Rumor has it that Dean McDermott cheated on Tori Spelling with a woman named Emily Goodhand. McDermott was in Toronto filming an episode of Chopped Canada and reportedly invited her to his hotel room.

"He told me he and Tori had a sexless marriage," Goodhand told Us Weekly. "I believed him."

Goodhand also said she spent the following night in the hotel room with Dean McDermott.

Celebrities always run the risk of being scandalized. Some are even blackmailed. Might this be the situation with Dean McDermott and Emily Goodhand? Or are things looking bad for his marriage to Tori Spelling? Hopefully this time next year, Spelling is still able to count her blessings with gratitude--her marriage being among them.

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