Top 5 Instagram Analytics Tools for 2017

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Contrary to popular notion, Instagram is not all about celebrities, food, fashion, dogs and cats, or homes and gardens. It's also a great way for brands and businesses to engage with their target market and close sales. However, many marketers and business owners are still trying to get a clear picture about their accounts. Luckily, the Internet always has something for everyone. Here are five awesome Instagram analytic tools that you can use.


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This is a great app to start your journey into the realm of Instagram analytics and management. Iconosquare evaluates a user's Instagram account and displays key metrics like audience or market engagement, growth over a period of time, and top followers. Its editorial calendar easily assists the user to draft and schedule posts and to monitor comments and interactions on each post. It has an expansive media library of high-res images and can also be utilized to find the top bloggers and influencers. More importantly, users can do all these from one dashboard, making Iconosquare the perfect app for freelancers or companies with multiple clients.


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What sets Keyhole apart from other tools is the real-time feedback it provides its customers. For instance, it can show users how many likes, impressions or retweets a campaign has garnered or how many people have posted using one specific hashtag. It can also track and narrow down the people or influencers who are engaging their brand. Users can do all these from Keyhole's user-friendly interface. What's more, clients and colleagues can also easily see how well a campaign is doing either through a link to the user's Keyhole dashboard or a printable PDF.

If you're just starting to get the hang of social media, particularly Instagram, or are on a tight budget, then Influence Score is the app for you. This simple and free analytics tool provides users with an Instagram influence score that designates weights to their engagement, network size, and community interactions. This gives users critical data that can help when making decisions about using Instagram.

Simply Measured

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As the name implies, Simply Measured is designed to provide much-needed analytics metrics of audience engagement, content analysis, and keyword analysis in a simple and straightforward manner. The app can daily track and identify new options, plan social media campaigns, optimize strategies for better outcomes and give reports on ongoing campaigns to show how it fares on social media. Simply Measured is the go-to analytics tool of over 100,000 digital marketers and has been vouched for by social media giants like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Sprout Social

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Like Iconosquare, Sprout Social has merged analytics with management and content creation tools that larger companies would undoubtedly appreciate. It's a web-based app that allows users to manage numerous social profiles across a swath of social media networks all from one interface. The app has a centralized media library with built-in editing tools and a push notification feature that updates users about the next step to do. Users can also make use of a social CRM that can help improve conversions or check hashtag performances. All these metrics can also be compiled into insightful reports that can be downloaded by clients.

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