Toothpaste Alert To Be Taken Very Seriously


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A surprising new alert has been issued to airlines, and you will not believe what it is. We all know that terrorists will go to all measures possible to complete the job that they have set out to do, but the new methods being used are a tad bit bizarre. Apparently, there is a new way to sneak bombs on planes ... using toothpaste and cosmetic tubes.

Currently, there are no known threats directly to the United States, but based on new intelligence that was uncovered, the alert was immediately issued to U.S. and national airlines. The government is emphasizing that this is a real threat, and is urging all airlines to take precautionary actions by checking these items before allowing them on the planes.

"It's real. It's real and we got very good information," a government source told CNN. "It's based on a credible source. We're taking it seriously so are other countries taking it very seriously."

The alert comes just before the start of the Sochi Olympics, which has already been the target of several terroristic threats. Russian airlines have started cracking down on what items passengers can take on their planes, even banning liquids.

"There are a number of specific threats of varying degrees of credibility that we're tracking," Matthew Olsen, a top U.S. counter-terrorism official said. "And we're working very closely with the Russians and with other partners to monitor any threats we see and to disrupt those."

Despite the threats, many American athletes are still planning on making their way to Russia to compete in this year's Olympic games. However, there are some people, including Rep. Peter King, who think it is not worth the risk to attend. "Just as a spectator, I don't think it's worth the risk. I mean, odds are nothing is going to happen, but the odds are higher than for any other Olympics, I believe, that something could happen," King said.

What do you think about the threats? If you could go to the Olympics, would you? Leave your comments below.

Image via Wikimedia Commons