Toni Braxton And Babyface Together Again


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It was announced in August 2013 that Toni Braxton and Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds would be releasing a duets album. And as of today (February 4) everyone can enjoy the sweet sound of Braxton and Babyface together again on their album Love, Marriage, & Divorce.

Braxton and Babyface's album, Love, Marriage, & Divorce, is about the experiences of a broken marriage, something both can understand. They took those personal experiences of love, marriage, pain, divorce, and regained hope and co-wrote the 11 songs on the album. While writing, Braxton was still going through divorce proceedings.

According to Braxton, they didn't want this to be an anger-filled album. She told Billboard, "We didn't want this to be typical: the guy cheats on the girl and she's devastated. Sometimes women have infidelity issues. Sometimes guys get stuck with alimony; sometimes women get stuck with the alimony. Sometimes women pay the bills and do everything. We wanted to talk a little about all of those things."

The duo has already released two singles from the album, the #1 R&B hit, Hurt You, and Where Did We Go Wrong?

With the release of Love, Marriage, & Divorce of course comes doing the rounds with the press. The pair can be seen on Good Morning America on Wednesday, February 5, then Live! with Kelly and Michael on Friday, February 7, and Conan on Tuesday, February 11, just to name a few. They can also be seen in a three week stint on Broadway's After Midnight starting March 18. There will also be a concert tour later this year.

The pair partook in a Q&A with iTunes Tuesday, with each of them responding via Twitter.

Early last year Braxton said she was retiring from music. During the iTunes Q&A Babyface informed everyone that he refused to let Braxton quit the music business like she had planned.

Of course Braxton's sister Tamar is so proud of and happy for her sister.

One person already recommends you purchase Love, Marriage, & Divorce for your Valentine's Day festivities.

Braxton and Babyface first sang together on the Boomerang soundtrack in 1992. The song was the R&B/pop hit Give U My Heart.

You can watch the video for Hurt You below.

Image via Braxton's Instagram.