Tomb Raider Developers Walk Us Through Combat, Exploration

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Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raider reboot will be out in less than a month, and the hype machine has been going steady for a few months now. The developers now have a bit of extra time to show players more of the game, and what they can expect when the game launches on March 5.

In a developer walkthrough released today, the game's creative director walks players through a short section of the game that has Lara Croft making her way to a monastery on the island where the game's plot unfolds. Most of the playthrough is focused on what players can expect from the game's combat and exploration.

Through most of the gameplay demo, the creative director focuses predominantly on tactics and the decisions players can make when approaching enemies. It's a little disappointing then that most of the gameplay looks like a run and gun kind of experience. Here's hoping the title will encourage more variety when it launches next month.

Tomb Raider hits the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 5.

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