Tom Hiddleston Strips Nude in "Crimson Peak," Stephen Colbert Questions It

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Tom Hiddleston chatted about his role in Crimson Peak while a guest on The Late Show Friday night, and Colbert made sure to bring up Hiddleston's nude scene.

“We do not see the ladies in this movie showing their kibbles and bits, but we do get to see your…English countryside,” Stephen Colbert noted.

Calling Crimson Peak a Gothic romance, Hiddleston insisted that means the inclusion of love, death, sex, and violence.

"I don’t know how anyone else has sex,” Tom Hiddleston said. “As far as I understand it if you keep your pants on it’s not gonna work.”

Colbert chimed in, saying this was why Victorians were so repressed.

Crimson Peak's director Guillermo del Toro was on hand for the conversation, too, which was hilarious.

Crimson Peak stars Mia Wasikowska, who plays aspiring novelist Edith Cushing. After she falls for Tom Hiddleston’s brooding character Thomas Sharpe, the two leave turn-of-the-century New York for the far spookier climes of his ancestral home in the north of England. All too soon Edith encounters ghosts of the past, though it’s the very present tense threat posed by her sister-in-law Lucille (played by Jessica Chastain) that poses the greatest danger to her. Wandering the haunted halls of the crumbling mansion, Edith suspects that the siblings are harboring some disturbing secrets that could wind up dedadly.

Tom Hiddleston compares Crimson Peak to another Giullermo del Toro film, The Devil's Backbone.

“Guillermo’s explanation of the supernatural is made very clear in [that film],” Hiddleston says. “He says, ‘What is a ghost? A tragedy condemned to repeat itself time and again, an instant of pain, something dead which seems to be alive.’ I remember it really struck me. There’s a twin line in Crimson, which is Lucille’s, which is, ‘The horror was for love, love makes monsters of us all.’"

Will you be checking out Crimson Peak? It opened in theaters nationwide on Friday.

You can be sure Stephen Colbert will visit the box office or score some Fandango tickets. After all, Tom Hiddleston has that nude scene.

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