Tom Cruise Girlfriend Rumor Shot Down With One Photo

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Tom Cruise was rumored for weeks to be after "wife number four" in the form of his assistant on the set of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Tabloid outlets fell all over themselves with dueling "inside sources" that had the goods on the supposed future Mrs. Cruise, Emily Thomas.

"Tom has fallen head over heels for Emily, and she feels the same way," an inside source for the Star said. "There's even buzz in his inner circle that he might propose! Tom was so impressed with her, he made it clear he wanted her to work with him on all his upcoming projects."

"She's very good at winning boys over," a supposed friend of Emily told the Daily Mail. "When I knew her she had everyone wrapped around her little finger and that must be a combination of her looks and personality. I know that her family have good connections and she used to say that she'd dated Theo Walcott's brother Ashley and knows the Walcotts well. Who wouldn't like to get married to a film star? She's worked on film sets for years but I wouldn't exactly call her career driven."

But a picture is worth a thousand words. So Emily Thomas posted one picture, a profile pic on Facebook.

The guy in the picture sure isn't Tom Cruise. He's entirely too tall, even sitting down. That is Emily Thomas' boyfriend Alex Roberts. Her mom even commented on the picture:

"Two beauties! Love you both loads and so proud of you both."

But the tabs are still at it, reporting that Emily Met Alex on the set of Rogue Nation, while she was working with Tom Cruise.

"It's still early days between Emily and Alex," another inside source told The Mirror, "but they're already pretty close. They've been very public with their relationship, so reports concerning Tom will come as a surprise to pals."

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