Toledo Gunman Taken Into Custody At School

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A teenage boy was taken into police custody today after bringing a pellet gun to Scott High School in Toledo, Ohio.

The gun appeared real to faculty and students, and the student locked himself in a classroom--alone--before authorities came to negotiate with him. It is not clear at this time why he brought the gun to school or what his plans were, but the entire facility was put on lockdown and students hid in closets as word got around about a possible gunman on campus.

Police reportedly had to shoot the student in the foot with a bean bag round in order to take him into custody, and school officials say he has been expelled.

Students were evacuated and released to their parents before noon, but school officials say classes will resume as normal tomorrow. Toledo police say that the situation was never a danger to students and assure parents that they have everything under control.

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Amanda Crum
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