Toe Sucking Pervert Hoodwinks Woman at Walmart

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Okay, folks. Apparently there's something wrong with your overall sense of judgment, so allow this article to serve as a lesson to those of you who blindly believe anything people tell you, especially while shopping at Walmart. The next time someone tells you they're from "America's Funniest Home Videos", be skeptical. Extremely skeptical. If this peculiar individual follows up this declaration with a request to suck on your big toe, promptly alert the authorities. This person isn't looking to make some money on one of America's longest-running television programs. No, this sicko is just there to indulge in something horribly inappropriate.

While browsing at a Walmart in George, a young woman was approached by 43 year-old registered sex offender Joey Leaphart, who introduced himself as a representative from AFV. After inquiring about her painted toenails, Leaphart said that he would pay for her purchases if she would participate in a "prank" for the show. Possessing little to no common sense, the woman agreed, which is when things got uncomfortable.

Leaphart took a picture of her naked foot, which he followed up with a request to kiss the body part in question. Under the impression that she was going to be part of a nationally-broadcast television program, the 18 year-old agreed. Joey then led his victim behind a clothes rack, stating that he didn't want people to think he was weird for what he was about to do. Before placing her big toe in his mouth, he said, "Don't worry, I don't bite." Yikes.

As soon as he started sucking on the digit, the woman, obviously surprised by the audacity of this supposed AFV employee, screamed for him to stop. Leaphart, of course, immediately headed for the exit, but not before leaving the poor woman with a parting comment. "Oh, it tasted so good though," he reportedly said. Yikes again. Unfortunately, Leaphart is apparently still on the loose, his mouth poised to strike again.

This isn't the first time the man's obsession has landed him in hot water. In February, Joey thought it would be fun to ask a woman at a Walmart in South Carolina if he could kiss and smell her feet. It's unclear whether or not this woman was a gullible as his Georgia victim.

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