Toby Keith's Bar Owes $250,000 In Back Taxes

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The tax debt of Toby Keith's I Love this Bar & Grill at Destiny USA has continued to grow, now totaling over $250,000.

Earlier this month, New York filed a new tax warrant against the restaurant for $107,000, related to the 2013 fourth quarter taxes that the business owes.

The new debt accompanies the previous debt from the 2013 second and third quarters that totaled $145,000. The bar originally owed $189,000 from that time period, but made some payments after another tax warrant was issued earlier this year.

The restaurant currently remains open and has events, including concerts, scheduled for the next several months. However, there has been speculation that the Syracuse location may soon close their doors.

Toby Keith's bar was one of the first tenants announced for the Destiny USA's expansion section in 2012. The bar opened in 2013 and occupies 20,000 square-feet of the third floor. Each bar has their unique touches, including guitar-shaped bars, drinks in mason jars, and plenty of plasma televisions. The bars are complete with girls in skimpy outfits, known as "whiskey girls" and live music.

The tax department will try to make payment arrangements with the bar before having to seize the property. If a seizure was to occur, the tax department offers deals to allow the businesses to eventually re-open.

In March, the doors closed on the Tuscan Mall location in Tuscan, Arizona. Employees were left without jobs and explained that none of them saw the closing coming. The general manager did not comment on why the doors were closed.

Toby Keith currently has 16 locations across the United States.

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