'Titanfall' Beta Starts on Valentine's Day


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EA and Respawn teased Titanfall fans last month by announcing the highly-anticipated shooter would be getting a beta before launch. Now, one month before the game's release, EA has officially announced that beta will begin on Valentine's Day.

Fans can now register for the closed beta test through the Titanfall website. The test is being held for both Xbox One and PC starting Friday, February 14. Players will need an Origin account to register for the event.

The beta will feature three different game modes - Attrition (deathmatch), Hardpoint Domination, and Last Titan Standing. Last Titan Standing puts all players into Titans and has teams battle until only one is left, with no respawning.

A beta teaser trailer released along with the announcement previews some of the gameplay players can expect during the beta and when the game launches on March 11 (March 25 for the Xbox 360 version):

Here's hoping that Respawn and EA actually learn something from the beta test. If the game turns out to be the broken mess last year's Battlefield 4 was, it could deal huge blow to EA's hopes for the Titanfall franchise and further hurt the Xbox One's perception among gamers.