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Creating quality content when blogging is perhaps the key aspect being discussed at this year's version of BlogWorld. Fully supporting the "content is king" edict, the majority of the speakers/sessions are concerned with helping others create the kind of content that will help your blog, and ultimately, the business its attached, get noticed.

Because iPhones are such a predominant aspect of the today's tech industry, and with an already-proven track record of valuable content creation from the camera alone -- see Instagram for further proof -- the video recording function should not be overlooked in regards to creating effective web videos, which are a crucial aspect of quality blog content. The question is, what methods can be used to ensure the iPhone videos being taken are presented with as much quality as possible.

With that in mind, one of the BlogWorld sessions featured Tom Martin (@TomMartin)as a speaker, and Martin provided a number of tips and ideas to consider when creating content-worthy video with your iPhone, starting with some general pointers:

  • Shoot shorter clips, because, as Martin says, "pretty much all the various editing software on the iPhone" uses pinch and squeeze... you'll be pinching and zooming forever.
  • Save your title slide(s) in separate album
  • First pass edit for effects/styles/transitions
  • Export in HD
  • Do a second edit to add titles
  • When exporting, turn "auto-lock" to NEVER
  • Exporting in LARGE format is fine - produces significantly smaller file size

Martin also discusses a number of different apps that can be used to create effective web videos:

iPhone camera app offers:

- 16:9 view (double tap to access)

- white balance (tap around the screen and you'll notice white balance will change dramatically)

- zoom effect (put person four to six feet in front of another object, start focused on the other object, then touch their head, then it will put the focus on their head. This creates a "reverb sort of thing.")

The iMovie app, which gives the following capabilities:

- shoot, edit using swipe motions

- add titles

- create transitions between edited clips (the app has five or six thematics built into it - there's a CNN iReport template built right into it and upload directly to iReport)

- add voice-overs and music beds (limited)

- non-ACC or Apple built in

The Vimeo app, which allows users to do the following:

- shoot, edit using swipe motions

- add titles

- more powerful transitions betweeen edited clips

- add audio (including music beds)

The audio can position within movie, although, the app, while free, is a little buggy. Another app he mentions is Flare, which provides users with:

- zoom capability

- HDR effects

- Great for masking bad light

- seems to have more white balance range

- Separate white balance and focus

As you can see, with the right apps installed, the iPhone can be a very powerful, versatile tool that is capable of creating some great video content. You don't have to be a Steven Speilberg or a Christopher Nolan, you simply have to make an effort, because all the apps in the world won't help you if you aren't trying to find good content related to the business you're focusing on.

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