Tina Turner: No Stroke, Oprah Winfrey Confirms

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Tina Turner didn't suffer a stroke recently as many media outlets reported late last week. Oprah Winfrey has even chimed in saying the rumors are false. She and Turner are long time friends and she would certainly know if the singer with the long, gorgeous legs had been that seriously ill. Instead she is happy, fairly healthy--it seems she was ill--and living in Switzerland.

Oprah turned 60 years old very recently and she is living life to the max as well. She was all too happy to share regarding the rumors of Tina Turner's stroke that the What's Love Got to Do With It singer even sent her a red rose to celebrate her big day.

Absolutely no one is going to refute what Oprah says. If the woman claims there was no stroke--then Tina Turner didn't have one. Oprah made sure everyone got their facts straight by sending out a tweet to all of her many followers.

Oprah traveled to Switzerland this past summer to share in her dear friend's joy as Turner wed her long time boyfriend--at the age of 73. It was there that Oprah experienced that horrid incident of obvious racism where the store clerk assumed because she was black that she couldn't afford the purse she asked to see.

Not one to raise a rude ruckus, Winfrey simply left the store without buying the handbag, saying later she didn't want to see the clerk receive the high commission she would have earned had she bought it.

"There's two different ways to handle it," Oprah later said. "I could've had the whole blow-up thing…but [racism] still exists, of course it does."

So Oprah didn't get her fancy bag--turns out it cost $38,000--and Tina Turner didn't have a stroke. For the moment at least it sounds like all is well with both of these lovely ladies.

And to celebrate the fact that Turner only had the flu, take a couple of minutes to watch her in action during one of her performances. The woman's talent is incomparable--and be sure to check out those legs.

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