Tina Fey On "This Is Where I Leave You"


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Tina Fey has had a lot of movie roles, and most of the films fall into the comedy genre.

Fey recently opened up about her new film, This Is Where I Leave You, and said that while the film is still a comedy, it is different from other films that she has done.

She said that she was excited to play the character Wendy in the film and talked about the film's unique storyline.

"Her story hadn't been seen before," Fey said of her character's relationship with the injured ex she left behind. "She lost the love of her life without really losing him."

"Also, this is a lady who doesn't work," Fey said. "I've played a lot of characters who are defined by their work - they work too much - but this is a lady who doesn't, and that was interesting to me."

Fey said that one of her favorite parts of the film was when the family observes shiva, the Jewish tradition of mourning the dead for seven days and bringing corned beef to the deceased persons' home or family's home.

Fey said that while the tradition may seem strange to people who are not familiar with it, she thinks it will help different religions relate to each other because many religions handle deaths and funerals in similar ways.

"I will say that when a loved one passes, even though shiva is a formalized version of one religion, it is what happens is most religions. Everyone comes from out of town, you all pile into the house, and everyone brings food, and you are all together. You understand why 'whoever' invented shiva did, because everyone should be together sharing old stories of happier times and being nice to each other and taking turns crying. It's a very important thing to do, she said."

Fey added that the film has something for everyone and that it puts a unique perspective on death and how people deal with different types of losses.