Time Warner Release Statement On Consumer Privacy Bill Of Rights


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This morning we brought you news that the Obama administration had announced the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, a program to introduce enforceable codes of conduct and legislation governing the way various businesses handle internet users’ private data.

Time Warner, one of the nation’s largest internet and media companies, has issued a statement of their own in support of the administration’s proposal. The statement is reproduced in full below:

Time Warner Cable commends the Administration for its announcement today of a 'Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights' and a multistakeholder process to foster a consistent and uniform federal framework to protect consumers’ privacy online. Protecting consumers’ privacy is a bedrock principle for Time Warner Cable and we are pleased that the Administration is undertaking this important initiative through the Department of Commerce. By ensuring that personal information is protected by all companies doing business on the Internet, consumers will build trust and the Internet will continue to fuel innovation and growth. We agree that a multistakeholder process is best suited to the dynamic Internet environment and stand ready to work with the Administration, the Department of Commerce, the Federal Trade Commission and Congress to address these important issues.

Time Warner is one of several companies that have come out in support of the initiative. As part of the program, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have all agreed to implement “do not track” technology in order to allow users greater control over how their personal data and web surfing habits are gathered and used.