Time Warner Cable's New Ad Strategy: Poke Fun at Crappy Customer Service

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A few years ago, Domino's Pizza started talking about how much Domino's Pizza sucked. That sort of ad campaign – the we know we suck but now it's going to be better campaign – isn't new, but now it's being utilized by a company that ranks near the bottom of pretty much every customer satisfaction survey out there.

Time Warner Cable is now taking the we know we suck approach, and is promising to offer better customer service.

The company has put out a few new ads that poke fun at wait times – both for scheduled maintenance visits and for customer service calls.

It's not as if the customer service improvements TWC's offering are revolutionary, but they are a welcome change. What is interesting is that the company is adopting this "apology tour" ad campaign as more and more people cut the cord.

"We get it. We know how you feel about cable companies. We’ve seen where Time Warner Cable
falls on customer satisfaction surveys and we know the 'cable guy' jokes by heart," says Time Warner Cable. "We hear you loud and clear. We also know that your video, phone and Internet services are critical to your daily lives and deserve our highest investment and very best effort. So we’ve made some changes to get better. Changes that we hope add up to more respect for your time, more value for your money and the kind of experience you expect from a leading entertainment and technology company."

According to The Verge, this ad ran i newspapers across the country this past weekend.

Comcast, the other company that routinely finds itself at the bottom of aforementioned satisfaction surveys, also recently admitted it needs to improve its customer service.

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