Time Warner Cable Hacked For Its Support Of Copyright Alert System

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Time Warner Cable is one of the five ISPs participating in the "six strikes" Copyright Alert System that went live last week. One group of hackers does not particularly like that fact, and made sure Time Warner knew it last night.

The Daily Dot reports that the Time Warner Cable support Web site was hacked and defaced last night by a group of hackers calling themselves "NullCrew." The defaced page landing featured the gorilla (pictured above) from the popular "rustled my jimmies" meme. The hack reportedly lasted anywhere between five to eight hours.

Funny enough, it seems that the IT guys at Time Warner Cable never thought to change their admin password from the default "changeme." Beyond that, a few names and chat logs from the support site were posted, but no confidential information was shared with the public.

To that end, this particular hack was obviously just meant to draw people's attention to the Copyright Alert System. It's nothing like the previous defacements and hacks coming from Anonymous as part of #OpLastResort. That particular operation targeted the Federal Reserve and other government agencies.

I wouldn't be surprised, however, if NullCrew's exploits inspired more hacks and defacements of the five ISPs participating in the CAS. Anonymous, and related hacking groups, obviously see it as an attack on Internet freedom. It will be interesting to see what happens when the first round of copyright alerts start going out to subscribers.

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