Timberlake: Spears Insult Gets Backlash On Twitter

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Timberlake/Spears isn't a combination you hear much anymore. Since breaking up in 2002, the former dynamic duo strive to stay out of one another's way and rarely speak about their relationship. But Justin has reportedly been talking about his ex, most notably at a Super Bowl party over the weekend, and Twitter isn't happy about it.

The "Suit And Tie" singer--who just dropped his first full album of new material since Future Sex Love Sounds in 2006--is rumored to have made a less-than-savory comment about Spears right before launching into the song that was famously penned about her being unfaithful (the video featured a Britney look-alike), "Cry Me A River".

"Sometimes in life, you think you found the one. But then one day you find out, that she is just some bitch!" he said.

Justin has said that he wasn't talking about Britney when he made the remarks, but...shamon, man. Give us a little credit.

Amanda Crum
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