Tim Tebow: Will the Rams Give Him a Chance?

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Just when you thought that maybe we had finally heard the last of Tim Tebow after he was cut from the Patriots and no one else wanted him, now reports are surfacing that the Rams may be interested in the quarterback.

Michael Silver, a writer for NFL.com, posted on Twitter that the Rams are having discussions about offering Tebow a job after QB Sam Bradford injured his knee on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. If the reports that Bradford tore his ACL are accurate, the Rams will certainly be in need of some help at the quarterback position.

Before anyone gets too excited over Tim Tebow getting another shot, Silver says that despite the discussions, he believes chances of the Rams signing Tebow aren't very good. Considering the Rams passed on Tebow in 2011 and showed no interest in him after he was cut from the Patriots, it's easy to understand why Silver thinks this is unlikely.

After Tebow was cut from the Patriots at the end of August, he made the following Twitter posts:

Tebow has been pretty clear that it's the NFL or bust for him, and he won't consider playing another position, either. The beleaguered quarterback was offered $1 million to play two games in Moscow, which he turned down. He has also been asked about playing in the Arena Football League or the Canadian Football League, but he doesn't have any interest in that, either, even if it does give him his best shot of getting a starting quarterback job.

A handful of Tebow fans in Jacksonville aren't going to be too happy if he ends up signing with the Rams after the rally they held to get him down to Jax last month. That didn't work out too well, obviously. Tim Tebow hasn't commented on the Rams rumors yet, but he has been on vacation in Hawaii, so maybe he's giving the dream a break for the time being.

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