Tim Tebow: Bringing Tebowmania to St. Louis?


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Raise the roof and get your hands up in the air. It's time for Tebowmania Speculation to begin once again. It seems like every time a starting QB goes down in the NFL, word spreads like wildfire that Tim Tebow could once again make a bid to start throwing passes in a professional uniform. On Sunday, St. Louis Rams Quarterback Sam Bradford suffered a torn ACL in a loss to the Carolina Panthers. Bradford will be out of commission for the rest of reason. Could Tim Tebow be in line for the job?

Maybe. Michael Silver of NFL.com is reporting that at the very least, the Rams are considering Tebow as an option. At this point, it does seem unlikely that the team will sign Tebow. It would mean having to deal with the ensuing Tebowmania, and the plain fact that Tebow failed in his second QB gig with the New York Jets last season and was cut by the New England Patriots at the beginning of this season.

The Rams have had a decent run thus far, their record currently stands at 3-4, and prior to yesterday's loss they had won two games in a row. So there was room for hope, at the very least, an outside shot to make the postseason. But with their QB #1 out for the season, their hopes may be all but gone. The Rams are probably not comfortable with starting backup Quarterback Kellen Clemens, the only current option on the team, because he has thrown seven touchdowns and 13 interceptions in his brief NFL career.

Ian Rapoport, NFL Media Insider, is reporting that the Rams will workout some Plan B options at practice on Monday. The Rams have expressed interest in Tebow in the past, when the former Heisman winner was with the Denver Broncos. However, Tebow's recent lack of success, outside of his playoff run with the Broncos, makes him an unlikely replacement candidate for Bradford. On the flip side, Tebow can run the ball, and he has a history of finding ways to win. So, despite his lack of arm strength, he will always be a possibility for a desperate team looking to be on the right side of Tebowmania.

Twitter fan reaction so far has not been in favor of Tebow:

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