Tim Tebow: Breakup Caused By The Jets?

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Tim Tebow is one of the most talked about players in the NFL; possibly the entire sports world, if you watch enough "First Take". Besides having a legion of loyal fans, he's got enough good looks and charm for three men and has won over many with his vow to remain a virgin until marriage. So naturally, everyone wants to know who he's dating.

When word got out that he was seen with actress Camilla Belle a couple of months ago, speculation and rumors went rampant across the web. Sure enough, the couple appeared to be dating, and everyone wondered if this would be the end of Tebow's virginity. But the relationship didn't last long enough to get that far; according to Us Weekly, they've broken up, and some say it's because Tebow's been in a foul mood while dealing with the drama on his team...the same reason Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria allegedly split.

Tebow has had a rocky start with the Jets, especially after coming off a run with the Broncos that left him with high expectations and so many adoring fans. As backup QB for Mark Sanchez, he's barely seen any time on the field, and when he's been allowed to play there hasn't been much to write home about. It's possible the stresses of the game were what did in his relationship, but for now neither party is talking.

Amanda Crum
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