Tim Cook In Hot Water For Bending iPhone And Botched OS Updates


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Apple's CEO Tim Cook is taking the heat for the recent publicity stumbles his company has made. Bending iPhones and botched OS updates are causing users to rethink their commitment to the company.

“I just wish that Tim Cook had a better handle on things,” Mac customer Jason Nochimson told Bloomberg News. Nochimson discovered that the latest OS update left him without cell phone service on his iPhone 6. He spent two and a half hours talking to customer service. “I was worried that my daughter’s school was going to call me today and I wasn’t going to be able to get them,” he said. When Nochimson finally reached a representative, “he told me that he was not made aware that Apple was releasing 8.0.1 today. It was a shock to him that that happened. He said typically when they do software updates they know about it days in advance so they’re ready for it.”

In response, Apple has released a statement: “We apologize for the great inconvenience experienced by users."

"Hey, Tim, we have an idea: Get your shit together," a MacDailyNews editorial retorted, "Apologies are nice, but they only go so far. Fix the problem(s), Apple."

Reuters reported the blunders have left the company with a 25 billion dollar loss in stocks. Howevere, the public image of the company is arguably the biggest casualty of the blunders. Social media is mocking Apple and the bending iPhone 6 relentlessly:

Still, the first three days have resulted in 10 million iPhone 6 sales, according to Reuters. The #bendgate scandal has yet to affect sales.