Tiffani Thiessen Cooks Up Nostalgia On New Show

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Tiffani Thiessen is ready for her new cooking show to premiere on The Cooking Channel later this month.

Tiffani Thiessen, best known for her roles on Saved By The Bell and Beverly Hills 90210, will play her favorite role, that of a housewife, cook, and dinner host.

Dinner at Tiffani’s will follow Tiffani Thiessen as she reconnects with her former cast mates and her other celebrity friends and showcases her skills at preparing for dinner parties.

Tiffani Thiessen will also feature lovely recipes on her show.

Tiffani Thiessen will catch up with famous co-stars like Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkley, and Jason Priestley.

She will also make dinner for Lance Bass, Seth Green, and Nathan Fillion, among others.

Dinner at Tiffani's really sounds like a fun show!

However, Tiffani Thiessen isn't the only celebrity to work their 90's fame into a great cooking show.

For example, Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire alum and Dancing with the Stars fan favorite Alfonso Ribeiro will be hosting a show called Unwrapped 2.0.

In that show, Ribeiro will showcase different yummy snack foods featured on The Cooking Channel.

Valerie Bertinelli is co-hosting Kids Baking Championship which premiered this week.

It's a good time to be a star from the 90's! It seems the nation is in the mood for nostalgia. Perhaps all this 90's talk prompted Jimmy Fallon to call up Tiffani Thiessen, Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkley, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and Dennis Haskins to reprise their roles for this amazing Saved by the Bell skit.

#zackandkelly together with @jimmyfallon on @fallontonight @mpg #reunion #25yearslater #sbtb

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Tiffani Thiessen managed to get back into her Bayside cheerleader uniform even though she is pregnant.

The cast poked fun at the real-life careers of Elizabeth Berkley and Jimmy Fallon, and we also got to relive Jesse's "I'm so excited" scene and AC Slater's ballet moves.

Life is good right now for Tiffani Thiessen! Good luck to her on her new cooking show!

Will you be watching Dinner at Tiffani's?

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