Three Kidnapped Women: Rescuer Is A Meme Waiting To Happen

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The man who helped rescue three women being held captive in Ohio yesterday is hilarious, and I suspect it's a matter of time before a new crop of memes begin popping up in his honor.

Charles Ramsey, who lived next door to the home, heard the screams of a frantic young woman and helped her open the door after she told him she'd been kidnapped and couldn't get out. She turned out to be Amanda Berry, who has been held captive in that house with two other missing women for ten years. Berry also had a child with her.

"I'm eating my McDonald's; I come outside; I see this girl going nuts," he said. "I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway!"

Ramsey, like everyone else in Cleveland, was shocked and elated to discover that the women were alive, unharmed, and finally free after a decade of being held against their will. His joy manifested itself as an awesome sense of humor.

"I barbecued with this dude! We ate ribs and whatnot, and listened to salsa music!" Ramsey said of Ariel Castro, the man accused of kidnapping the women.

An investigation is obviously pending, but the women and Berry's daughter have been released from an area hospital, where they underwent evaluation to determine what condition they were in. All are said to be healthy and elated to be reunited with friends and family; the three of them all went missing at different times and have been presumed dead for years.

Ramsey's 911 call is also pretty funny, now that we know the context and that the women are all ok. NSFW unless you work with people who say f**k a lot.

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