This Wii U Kid Will Be Remembered As The N64 Kid Of His Generation


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Getting a new game console for Christmas is exciting, especially for children. Some kids, however, take it to another level with just how excited they get. It began with the N64 kid of viral videos past, and now a new star is born.

YouTube user Deongello Vanorsby was dad of the year to his son this Christmas when the young lad was presented with a brand new Wii U. His son got a little too excited though and we're presented with the viral gold that these kind of videos bring.

In this situation, crying tears of happiness would be the appropriate reaction as the Wii U was the number two most wanted item this holiday season. The additional screaming upon receiving Madden 2013 is just icing on the viral cake.

Years from now, this small boy will look back with fond memories of how his dad put a video of him crying over a game console on YouTube for thousands to see. Kind of like how the N64 kid will forever be associated as such even ten years after the fact.