This LEGO Wheelchair Can Transport A 200-Lb Guy

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I'm sure you're well-versed in the amazing things that can be built using everyone's favorite childhood (and adulthood, for that matter) toy, LEGO. So, it's probably not surprising to hear that someone has managed to make another awesome machine using just a couple different sets of LEGOs and a few multi-directional wheels.

There are plenty of unfortunate reasons why a person would need to move around in a wheelchair. But if you had to use one, I can't imagine anything cooler than a LEGO wheelchair.

It can move up to 90kg, which clocks in at a little over 198 pounds. Here's how the machine works:

It uses 6 NXT's to drive 12 NXT motors (2 per NXT for maximum power output) which are connected to 12 Rotacaster multi-directional wheels. Using these wheels will later allow for side to side movement(strafing).

There is a master NXT which controls the 6 NXT via turning on/off touch sensors. The joystick is connected to 4 touch sensors to determine direction (forward, backwards, turn left, turn right).
The master NXT then turns 2 motors (left / right side) different directions which turn on / off 12 touch sensors (2 per NXT for backwards / forwards).

Courtesy of Burf's Crazy Lego Inventions, check out the first-ever LEGO wheelchair:

[via MAKE:]
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