Thigh Bone On Mars: Is It Proof Of Alien Life?


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Since the beginning of time humans have looked up to the heavens and wondered if anything or anyone is looking back. Scientists have said that there could be life on other planets, but most people want to know if there could be intelligent life somewhere out there.

One of the planets that is most like Earth is Mars and some scientists say that if life were to exist on another planet or if it ever did before our time, it would have happened on Mars.

There have been numerous probes sent to the red planet to gather evidence about the surface and atmosphere and to collect samples and photos from Mars.

Some of the things found by these probes have been shocking and several people have claimed that there are many strange shapes on Mars that appear to be objects and structures that were made by humans or another intelligent life form.

A recent photo from Mars shows what many people believe to be a thigh bone. NASA's Curiosity rover sent back a collection of photos that show a pile of what appears to be bones. Any bones being present on Mars would be considered a sign that life once existed there, but these bones appeared to belong to a human or large animal.

People everywhere were talking about the thigh bone, but NASA rained on everyone's parade pretty quickly and said that the object in the photo was not a thigh bone or any bone for that matter. It was just a weathered old rock that just happened to have a peculiar shape.

Of course, many people yelled cover up, but NASA maintains that the photo does not show any bones. NASA claims that they want to find proof of life on Mars just as badly as everyone else, but say they are not likely to find it.

According to NASA, the Curiosity rover has found evidence that Mars was once a habitable place in the ancient past, but there is no evidence that creatures large enough to leave a bone behind ever existed on the planet.

"If life ever existed on Mars, scientists expect that it would be small simple life forms called microbes," NASA officials said. "Mars likely never had enough oxygen in its atmosphere and elsewhere to support more complex organisms. Thus, large fossils are not likely."

Do you believe there is other intelligent life out there?