'Thief' Story Previewed in New Trailer


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It's been almost two years since the first small teaser for Thief leaked onto the web. Now the game is just days away from release and will kick off one of the most hyped video game release periods in recent memory.

Though the game may not have generated as much hype as the upcoming Titanfall or Infamous: Second Son, the Thief series has a dedicated fan base that would certainly prioritize a faithful Thief reboot over any of the big titles coming in March. This is especially true given that Eidos Montreal seems to have gone out of its way to make the game accessible to newcomers while providing options for a classic Thief experience.

Today's new Thief trailer highlights one of the biggest ways the new game differs from the classics. The older Thief games were light on story, instead focusing on exacting stealth gameplay and puzzle mechanics. In contrast, the reboot seems to focus on a story filled with revenge, revolution, and a bit of the supernatural: