These Developers Really Love The Vita


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The PlayStation Vita has had a rough year since its launch in early 2012. Many considered its price to be high and the lack of quality games on the system has led to many forsaking it entirely. Sony addressed the first problem at Gamescom with a price reduction, and it hopes to address the second with a steady stream of quality games.

At Gamescom, Sony showed off a new entry in its Conversation with Creators video series that focused entirely on the Vita. Much like the previous videos, developers speak candidly about how much they love the Vita. They see Sony's handheld as something that provides the power of the leading mobile devices without any of the headaches that come with mobile development.

Of course, it needs to be pointed out that most of the games coming to the Vita this year will be from indie developers. That's not a problem for most people, but there are some gamers who still equate indie with inferior quality. The indie titles hitting the Vita will hopefully change that perception, but Sony has an ace up its sleeve for those who refuse to play anything but AAA titles.

At Gamescom, Sony and 2K announced that they would be bringing the award-winning Borderlands 2 to the Vita in 2014. It's a huge win for Sony as it finally gets the third-party AAA game that the Vita truly deserves after the disappointment that was Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified.