These Are The Sh*ttiest How-To Videos On YouTube, And They're Amazing

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There are legitimate how-to videos all over YouTube, and many of them have helped me and people I know personally with some of the odd challenges that pop up in everyday life. Ever tried to properly tie a bowtie with zero experience? Well it sucks. But in this scenario, YouTube is your friend. I mean, one of my buddies even consulted YouTube for information on how to properly swaddle his new baby - and it worked. Amazing.

There are tons of people out there who post helpful, earnest guides to some of life's most common conundrums. And then there's this guy.

These may be the dumbest things you've ever watched, or if you're like me, you may laugh so hard that you begin to cry big, giant man (or woman) tears onto your keyboard.

Many of them are fairly popular. YouTube user HowToBasic has been uploading their anti-how-to videos for about six months, and some of them already have over 900,000 views. All in all, there are a little over one hundred of these little masterpieces:

Here's how to correctly add milk to your tea...

And here's how you wash a blueberry...

How about you learn how to make a delicious chocolate shake...

You've clearly been making pasta to incorrect way...

What if you burn your omelet? Here's how to make the save:

Finally, here's the best way to make an egg salad sandwich:

What was that quote about genius and insanity? Oh, nevermind.

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