The World's Most Powerful Android Tablet Will Set You Back $1,300

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I've been hesitant to jump on the tablet hype train since Apple popularized them with the iPad. I'm a power PC user and the limited resources of tablets didn't appeal to me. The good news is that tablets are getting more and more powerful all the time. Qualcomm, makers of quality tablet and phone processors, have put together a developer's tablet that has the power PC user in me pretty excited.

Qualcomm is in the business of supporting developers through SDKs and other software that help them get the most out of Qualcomm's CPUs. One of the ways they support developers is by offering custom built tablets that are running on the latest and greatest CPUs from the company. Their latest tablet is the most powerful Android tablet that money can buy.

For a relatively cheap $1,300, developers can get a tablet that's running on Qualcomm's latest S4 Snapdragon quad-core processor. Each core is running at an impressive 1.5GHz each. It also features an Adreno 320 GPU, a 10-inch 720p display, 2 GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and runs on Android 4.0.4. In other words, this tablet is an absolute beast.

The guys over at Anandtech ran a few benchmarks on the device. The tests proved that it is the most powerful Android tablet out there with its only competition coming from the new iPad. It's a shame then that it's only available to developers or those with just $1,300 to drop on random new technology.

While this tablet is definitely built for developers, you can buy it for yourself if you have the cash. It's available right now on BSquare's store.

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