The World of Lost Smartphones [Infographic]


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Earlier today I reported on what happens to the information on our cellphones when they are lost or stolen and what you can do to protect yourself. Now I would like to present you with an infographic on lost smartphones; how frequently it happens and where it's likely to happen.

This one, like the last one, comes to us from They present us with some interesting facts like, everyday at Niagara Falls, four phones are lost and each day $7 million worth of phones are lost around the globe.

Where are they lost? People lose them everywhere; gas stations, drugstores, church, at the mechanics, the grocery store, restaurants, just about anywhere, you name it. It's probably just confirming something you already know; lots of people lose their phones everywhere.

The real problem is, knowing doesn't keep it from happening. I guess this one only supports my earlier piece that speaks to the need to protect the sensitive information on your devices so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. The smartphone is one of the most useful and user friendly innovations to ever grace society, just make sure you keep all that information it stores safe, and remember to buy the optional replacement insurance. The cost of replacing it is often multiples of what you originally paid.