The Two Tom Greens On Twitter

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Really, Tom Green? Does this guy even have a career anymore? I haven't heard his name since he did that lame college movie (Road Trip I think, actually very funny) where he was eating a snake, or whatever. Apparently he's back bothering some Canadian college professor because this guy holds the @TomGreen Twitter handle. How surprising! What did you say your name was again, John Green? Oh Tom, that's right! It's such a common name, I forgot.

So anyway, here's what happened. He went on the Opie & Anthony show to do an interview and of course, those guys got him all fired up (which it is their job to do) about not having the Twitter handle. I guess they've got him convinced he would be a star again if only he had that Twitter handle. Here's some comments he made about the situation to O& A back on the 25th of January:

"I sometimes wonder if my following would grow slightly quicker, if I just had the @TomGreen because people can't find me, right?"

"I don't want to get into it too much because he gets real mad, I don't want to be in a Twitter war."

Obviously Opie and Anthony took these comments from the snake-eating Tom Green as a challenge to start heckling the Professor Tom Green in Canada via Twitter. Essentially O & A got their fans involved (which is a much larger fan-base than the snake-eating Tom Green ever had) and they started harassing the professor.

Now, after hundreds of angry, slandering Tweets and threats to the professors livelihood, he demands that action be taken against the snake eating Tom Green and O&A for "cyber bullying".

The snake-eating Tom Green makes these comments about the situation:

"It ends up making me look like a jerk,"

"People have been bothering the other Tom Green on his Twitter account,"

"Calling him names and demanding he give me his name. I do not want his Twitter handle. I am happy being @TomGreenLive".

"But this does not matter. Because out of the millions and millions of people online, some of them have decided to make this their cause. A cause that I am not endorsing."

The professor Tom Green wants O&A to be punished for inciting the bullying and commented on Twitters weak policy for dealing with cyber bullying:

"If they had an enforcement policy with teeth [or some] determination there, they would comb through the Twitter feeds and kill them instead of putting the burden of proof on [the victim]".

"Thank God it was me that got nailed, because if it was some 15-year-old, it would have ended with a rope or something."

Truly though, what can really be done? We can't limit public freedom just because this guy was getting harassed by O&A fans. Twitter should have a way to minimize these Twitter attacks after they're detected. If it hurt the professor Tom Greens livelihood, he can do what everybody else in America seems to do. Lawsuit! I like O&A, but if they are using their fame to influence others in a negative way, that's not good. As for the snake-eating Tom Green: who cares! He has no career anyway, just let him be.