The Space Jam Game You Always Wanted Is Now A Mod For NBA 2K14


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NBA 2K14 isn't a game you'd normally associate with mods, but the PC version gets mods nonetheless. Most aren't exactly newsworthy, but they are when every child's favorite basketball movie from the 90s is involved.

MGX, a modder on the NBA 2K series of games, has released a Space Jam mod that adds the characters from the classic Michael Jordan/Looney Tunes crossover to the game. With the mod, you can relive that classic game that pitted the Toon Squad versus the Monstars sans Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

The fun thing about the mod is that it has to work within the confines of the game's engine. That's why all the Looney Tunes characters are freakishly tall while the faces are just grafted onto player faces that were already in the game. It's at times horrific, but it's mostly funny.

If you want to recreate Space Jam on your own, you'll need a copy of NBA 2K14 on the PC and the mod which you can find here. Here's hoping Bill Murray gets added at a later date as a late game substitution.

[h/t: Kotaku] Image via MkEliteWorksX/YouTube