The Smart Watch: The Good and The Pretty

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The smart watch! What's your favorite one? Oh, you don't know what a smart watch is? Understandable.

While it's pretty obvious that sooner or later there would be a smart watch since there are smart-everything-elses, the whole smart watch phenomenon hasn't blown up as fast as those iDogs and such. Nevertheless, they do exist, and people use them. The watches have apps; some are helpful, some are not. Here are the top three that you might want to look into:

1. The Martian Smart Watch
The Martian Smart Watch concentrates on elegance; you may have noticed that many smart watches look like mini computer monitors on your wrist. While it may have less features than the next two watches, its smartphone camera control, hands-free voice command and alerts display make it effective as a smartphone extension of sorts.

2. META Watch
The META Watch is a highly-anticipated smart watch still in development. Designed with the help of former Vertu luxury phone designer Frank Nuovo, this smart watch uses a digital screen but makes sure that it stays sleekly high-fashion. Apparently. many smart watches have been the victim of crappy apps and features for the sake of calling it a smart watch, and this phone does not fall into that category while still being fashionable.

3. Pebble Smart Watch
If based just on popularity, the Pebble Smart Watch is the winner. Pebble used a Kickstarter and set a record for the funding it received, and it served as an excellent marketing tool as well. Critics agree that it is a great product, but the software seems to have no use at all. Sort of like wearing one of those yellow LiveStrong wristbands pre-Armstrong Scandal. Software upgrades, however, are surely soon to come.

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