This Smart Toilet Is Japanese Innovation At Its Best


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One of the major buzzwords in tech for the past few years has been smart. Since the advent of the smartphone, everything else must become start as well - smart TVs, smart cars, smart toilet paper, etc. That being said, it seems somewhat ridiculous that nobody has created the smart toilet yet. Thankfully, some geniuses in Japan have corrected this egregious oversight.

Lixill, a household item manufacturer, will be releasing three new models next year called the Satis. It's the first mass produced toilet with a built in bluetooth controller. That means Android phones can control all the functions of the toilet through an app called "My Satis."

The app not only controls flushing, but users can lift the seat, warm it, and activate that funky water jet that sprays up your butt all from the comfort of an Android device. As an added bonus, the app a "toilet diary" to monitor the user's health based upon how many times they use the bathroom.

The Satis is only the latest in Japanese toilet innovation. It's actually kind of embarrassing that the U.S. has fallen so far behind in such an important market. Everybody likes to stay healthy and toilets are one of the largest harbingers of disease. A smart toilet could effectively cut down on disease transmission by reducing contact with them.

Bill Gates may be reinventing the toilet for those who don't have access to one, but it's high time the U.S. steps up its bathroom technology game. The Japanese don't settle for less when it comes to toilet technology, and neither should we.

[h/t: Japan Trends]