The Simpsons 500th Episode Intro In Slow Motion

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Last Sunday, Fox's long-staying The Simpsons hit its 500th episode plateau, and one of the absolute treats of the milestone episode was the introduction segment. As you're probably aware, each Simpsons episode begins with the group making their way to the family couch. The route in which the Simpsons arrive at their destination is up to the creators, and because there's a different situation for every episode, that means there have been 500 different intros to the show.

As indicated, perhaps the highlight of the 500th episode was the trip down memory lane intro, one that showed us snippets of the the previous 499, all in under a minute's worth of running time. Because that's a short amount of time to cram that much "data" into, YouTube user acjarsen08 had our collective backs and slowed the intro down to a little over four minutes, giving us the opportunity to catch some of the clips we may have missed when 500 aired:

It's clear ac's efforts were appreciated. Out of the 13,000-plus views, the video has over 100 likes and only 2 dislikes.

In other news, it's hard not to wonder just how long this video will last. There isn't a whole lot of "official" Simpsons content on YouTube, and considering Fox's ironclad-like grip it keeps on its content, it wouldn't be surprised to see this video get pulled, especially as it gets more and more views.

With that in mind, get it while it's hot.

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