"The New iPad" - Will The Next One Be Called 'New New'?

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I like to think if Steve Jobs were still around, he would have pointed at whoever came up with the name for the new iPad and would have simply stated - "no, bad idea". The iPhone 4, Mac OS X 10.whatever, Xbox 360, Playstation 3; we love numbers in our product names. Unless you're coming out with a product you want to completely designate from what you released before (see Nintendo Wii), just put a number on it. It's simple, it's easy, it doesn't confuse consumers. Numbers let us know that the product we're purchasing is the next in line of an already long running series of products we want to support.

What does "The New iPad" tell us? Well, it already tells us that Apple will have a titling change on their hands the next time they release a new iPad. Or be in fear of being sued by Kid Cudi if they do go with "New New". Or let him perform his song at the next iPad unveiling...

Along with having a silly name, I have to deduct a point from Apple for creating a word to describe their product...It's RESOLUTIONARY(see above photo).

As you can see by the Twitter reaction, people are already focused on how silly the name is, instead of talking more about some of the great features coming to 'the new iPad'.

Providing yet another reason why it's never good to shake the apple cart too much when coming up with a product name.

Apple has already released a new product video, and television ad on their site. At the end of the showcase, they simply have "iPad" at the end. Now my mind is really blown. The screen below is taken directly from the end of the television ad.

The New iPad Logo

Where do you rank this on the all time awful product name announcements? It has to be up there with the Virtual Boy and BetaMax.

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