The Most Honest Windows 8 Criticism Comes From A Drunk

IT Management

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Windows 8 has been controversial to say the least. Prominent PC developers have criticized the operating system and regular users have expressed confusion over the design choices Microsoft made. Now it's time to put Windows 8 up to the ultimate test - a first time user who happens to be drunk.

Three Sheets Market Research conducts a series of Web usability tests called Drunk UX. The latest test was for Windows 8 in which the group got a hold of Jennifer, a 40-year old woman. She's described as "an active consumer of PCs, software and alcohol." It shows in the video as she obviously knows her stuff, and calls it the numerous quirks in Windows 8 that just shouldn't be there.

Interestingly enough, Jennifer makes a unique observation that not many people have made so far. She describes her time with Windows 8 as being trapped, and that she wants to retreat. It could be a result of her being drunk, but it's a valid complaint. The closed nature of the start menu could feel overwhelming to first time users.

It's also interesting to note that even a drunk doesn't want to use Internet Explorer or Bing. If only she knew about Google's campaign to put Google search and Chrome front and center on the new start menu in Windows 8.