The Mentalist: Two Cast Members Say Goodbye

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On this past Sunday’s episode of The Mentalist, the show’s fans said goodbye to two characters that have been there from the beginning.

Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt, played by Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti respectively, always had a mutual attraction that played out on screen. The “will they, won’t they” on and off relationship between the two characters led to much humor and drama as they navigated the waters of having an office romance.

The two dated other people in the show at times, with Grace Van Pelt even becoming engaged to an eventual villain who turned out to be Red John’s accomplice, but the two were reunited in the sixth season again.

In an interview with TV Guide, Yeoman said that both he and Righetti were satisfied with the closure provided for their characters.

"I feel very satisfied that we gave the characters the conclusion that we did," Yeoman said. "We chose both the most satisfying but also the most practical way of ending their characters."

On Sunday, Yeoman live-tweeted his character’s last episode of The Mentalist, even noting in one scene that it was a “very emotional scene to shoot” because it was “our last shot as a team” and the “last scene of my last night shooting.”

At one point he notes that #GoodbyeWayneandGrace is trending worldwide.

In the sixth episode “Wedding In Red,” Rigsby proposes to Van Pelt and the two are married later in the episode. In another episode of the sixth season, a scene is shone two years in the future where Rigsby and Van Pelt are still married and now have a child.

Amanda Righetti brought attention to the final episode with a tweet as well.

The Mentalist is a procedural cop show following the character Patrick Jane, played by Simon Baker, and his fellow California Bureau of Investigation colleagues. The show is in its sixth season and spent much of its run pursuing a villain named Red John.

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