The Last Of Us Brought In Tons Of Cash Over The Weekend


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Need more proof that video games are big business? How about The Last of Us making more money in its opening weekend than Man of Steel (in the UK)?

Digital Spy is reporting that The Last of Us has emerged as the number one selling game in the UK. We don't have sales numbers for the U.S. yet, but VG Chartz (a sometimes questionable source) is reporting that the game sold 1.3 million units, with 500,000 units being sold in the U.S., in its first weekend.

To compare, Man of Steel brought in $113.1 million in its opening weekend. The film made three million pounds in the UK over the two day period. Digital Spy says that The Last Of Us made more than that in the UK despite its audience being three times smaller.

On a global scale, it's not as impressive. With 1.3 million copies sold worldwide in just two days, the game brought in $78 million. It's still more than what March's BioShock Infinite brought in as the game sold 1.16 million units in its first week.

Video game software sales have been on the decline for the past several months as gamers look forward to the next generation of games consoles. Despite that, some games, like The Last of Us, can still bring in the kind of numbers that we now only see with the launches of a new Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty.

We're still really early into The Last of Us' performance. The game will undoubtedly sell more units as more gamers pick up the title over the coming two weeks. By then, we'll have a more realistic idea of how much it's made. Until then, we just know that it's off to a great start. That great start was possibly due in part to the title's excellent marketing that has everybody talking: