The Google+ Hall of Fame

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You've surely seen a Google+'s most followed list by now, but someone's taken the time and added some visualization to it, giving us the Google+ Hall of Fame. The pictures can even represent the standard HoF busts if you'd like, and that was probably the intention behind this little exercise.

Pointed out on a post by Steve Rubel, the Google+ Hall of Fame page is a visual representation of the + accounts with the most followers. Naturally, the site is not affiliated with Google; instead, it's the creation of Ralf Rottmann. It appears as if the information is pulled from Google+ using a JavaScript query, although, the data could be coming from the FindPeopleonPlus directory as well.

@webpronews Chris, doesn't use JavaScript to crawl Google+. It uses Python scripts and map reduce! Just FYI. 19 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

When the images are moused-over, the pop-up shows how many circles each person is featured in, which, in Google+ terms, is the same thing as being followed.


As you can see, Jesse Eisenberg reigns supreme with 403,000-plus followers. Meanwhile, the second-most followed person is Larry Page with 233,000-plus. Maybe one day, the most followed person on Google+ will, you know, post something. One can imagine it would be one of the most shared items in Google+'s short existence -- another thing people should keep in mind when discussing the shortcomings of the service.

Facebook and Twitter certainly didn't grow in one day. Or one month, for that matter.

The Google Hall of Fame page also features a touch of class, for those of you who've been waiting for the women to show up. There's a button that allows visitors to view the most followed women on G+. All hail Felicia Day and Marissa Miller, with 97,000-plus and 65,000-plus, respectively:


You can also tell the millennials out there haven't caught wind of Google+, either. The Britney Spears account only has 13,000-plus followers. Further proof: only 52 people have the official Justin Bieber account in their circles. Oh, and Arianna Huffington has more followers than Spears, too.

Clearly, the younger generation is largely ignorant of Google's social media platform.