The Google Glass Fashion Show Now Has An Accompanying Film

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Google recently had models at the DVF show in New York wear Project Glass on the runway. It was interesting to see Project Glass being used to make a fashion statement even if they aren't exactly fashionable yet. It does, however, give us a first-person glimpse into what goes into making a successful fashion show.

The pictures taken with Project Glass were already posted to the team's Google Plus profile earlier this week, but we now have a special video that cuts all the footage taken during the festivities into a mini-documentary of sorts.

The best thing that I took out of this was being able to see what it's like to walk down the runway. The true potential of Project Glass is being able to see out of the eyes of someone else for the first time. We have simulated point-of-view shots, but Project Glass provides the real deal.

Google's Project Glass has now shown us a first-person perspective on extreme sports and fashion shows. I wonder what we're going to get next? I would personally love to see Google tackle spelunking. It would be amazing to see a first-person account of the claustrophobic hobby. The Descent has ruined me on cave exploration for life, but Project Glass has the potential to show us the world from a unique perspective.

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