The Game Of Thrones Theme Gets A Floppy Drive Remake

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With only two episodes left in the killer second season of HBO's Game of Thrones, excitement for the best show on television is hitting a fever pitch. And while we all wait patiently for the coming of winter in Westeros, we can be happy that things like this exist.

Simply, it's the Game of Thrones theme played on eight floppy drives.

I'm not going to say that this rendition towers above the original score, but it's definitely no disappointment. Self-described "man of many talents" Anand Jain is the guy responsible for this two minutes of awesome. Check it out below:

We've showcased plenty of musical numbers with floppy drives as the instrument of choice, but Mr. Jain's has a pretty impressive setup here. By utilizing eight floppy drives, he can actually incorporate many of the musical complexities contained in the songs he chooses to reinvent.

Songs, you say? Yes, Jain (YouTube ID MrSolidSnake745) hasn't just limited his floppy orchestra to the fantasy genre. If you check out his channel, you'll find eight-floppy-drive version of things like the Duke Nukem theme, the USSR anthem, Star Trek: The Next Generation theme, and "This is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Although one YouTube points out that this floppy music is "still better than Skrillex," you can find a floppy rendition of some of his work on Jain's channel as well.

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