The End Of The World Is Now Scheduled On Facebook

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We're really going to have to hear about this whole Mayan calendar apocalypse all year, aren't we?


Well, whether you're of the can't-beat'em-so-join'em group or if you actually expect/hope the world to end this year, some prophetic Facebook users have created an event page about the pending armageddon just for you. The concisely titled event, The End of the World, is currently accepting RSVPs for those planning to attend the annihilation of humanity or, if you're still on the fence about attending, you can simply check yourself as a maybe. The event is slated to take place on "Planet Earth, Every Street" and the additional information provided on the event's page is appropriately simple:

This might, or might not, be the biggest thing since sliced bread so don't let your friends miss this possibly life changing experience. I want to everyone on Facebook at this here shindig so don't disappoint.

It's become commonplace for people to create farcical event pages for disasters. Some of you may recall the Post-Rapture Looting event from last year before the apocalypse decided to call in sick. If the comments on the event's page are any indication on the quality of party animals you can expect to encounter on the ubiquitous Every Street - and, more importantly, be stuck in the company of post-armageddon - you might wanna take a pass on this global catastrophe and wait around till the next cataclysm:

The End of the WorldI can't wait!! OH WAIT, YES I CAN! *heh* *heh*

The End of the WorldI'll bring the pot. Lol

The End of the WorldThere with Apocalyptic Bells on! 🙂

The End of the WorldEven the end of the world couldn't keep me away!

The End of the WorldPARTY IN THE STREETS.

Yes, I agree with what you are likely already thinking: the apocalypse will be attended by no one above the age of sixteen. Great party, guys. Really. So in the absence of any competing apocalypse get-togethers that might actually sound like a bit of fun, I suggest everybody roll over and hit the snooze button on this Facebook anti-party and get your nap on until the world burps up another armageddon worthy of your attendance.

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