The Bing iOS App Just Got A Meaty Update

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With iOS using Bing as its default search provider, you may have found yourself enamored by all that Bing has to offer. You might have even downloaded the official Bing iOS app. If that's the case, you'll discover that it now has some new features.

Bing announced this week that its iOS app has been updated with a number of new features. All of the additions were based upon feedback it received from iOS users so you just might see something that you specifically asked for.

First up, Bing for iOS now has a "pervasive widget that is always available within the app" for searches. In other words, you can always reach the search page no matter where you are in the app with a simple tap. If the widget is getting in your way, you can also disable it in the settings.

Next up, Bing has added a feature that lets users manage multiple searches at once. You can think of it like a Web browser with multiple tabs open, but Bing just keeps your most recent searches in memory for easy access later. Here's what it looks like:

The Bing iOS App Just Got A Meaty Update

If you're more of a person who follows trends, the new Bing app also has you covered. When looking at Bing Trends, each trend will now have its own tile:

The Bing iOS App Just Got A Meaty Update

With its latest update, Bing also plays friendly with Safari. From within the app, you can open a link in Safari or you can even bookmark it for later use.

The final feature is more fun than anything as it allows you to shake your phone will the app's open and it will return a random search result based upon currently trending topics. You can think of it as a more restricted version of StumbleUpon where the only topics available are those seen as trending by Bing's community of searchers.

The Bing IOS App Just Got A Meaty Update

If you want to give Bing for iOS a try, you can find it here.

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