‘The Big Bang Theory’ Collaborates With Lucasfilm For Special ‘Star Wars’ Episode

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CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory joins forces with Lucasfilm for a special Star Wars episode in time for the annual “Star Wars” Day on May 4. The episode, which is titled “The Proton Transmogrification”, will air on May 1.

Whose great idea was it?

Chuck Lorre, the co-creator and executive producer of The Big Bang Theory, said they were approached by Lucasfilm to come up with something to commemorate the holiday.

In this episode, viewers will get to visit the remote planet of Dagobah, where Jedi Master Yoda spent his time in exile. The swamps and forests that became Yoda’s refuge will be recreated by Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic department, complete with special effects. The final touches will be done at Lucasfilm’s headquarters in San Francisco.

While Lucasfilm was the brains behind the episode, the idea to bring Dagobah to the Big Bang set is that of the writers and producers.

The episode’s special guest is Bob Newhart, who first made his appearance on The Big Bang Theory last year, for which he won an Emmy. He will return as a Professor Proton, the childhood idol and mentor of Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons.

Steve Molaro, who produces the show with Lorre, said they knew that Newhart would guest in the show again. That, plus Lucasfilm’s idea, gave them an opportunity “to mix both stories and come up with something special.”

Molaro said that he and Lorre called Newhart about the episode. “We had to give him a quick primer on the ‘Star Wars’ mythology.” He said the veteran comedian got picked it up quickly and “was very excited about it.”

In the episode, the Big Bang gang is set to celebrate the geek holiday. Professor Proton appears to Sheldon in a vision and proceeds to be his Jedi master, complete with a light saber.

“They sent us a real one to use,” Molaro said of Lucasfilm. “They're going to help make it look and sound right.”

“Star Wars” Day is held on May 4 every year. The appropriate greeting for Star Wars fans is “May the fourth be with you”, a play on the movie franchise’s line “may the Force be with you.”

The Big Bang Theory - Star Wars

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